Quarrel Between Creationists And Evolutionists

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Natalie Gittins
Ms. Henry
English 1101
15 February 2017
The Beginning of Everything
Humanity’s faith in God reeled when after years of creation going uncontested Sir Charles Darwin introduced his theory about the origins of species and evolution. From this two groups emerged; evolutionists, who believe that modern day life forms evolved from smaller and more primitive organisms, and creationists, who continued to believe that everything was created by a higher power. Each side produced credible arguments, but at the same time, the counter arguments where just as substantial. Because of this, the quarrel between evolutionists and creationists is far from ending. But one should never base their beliefs on the status quo. To choose one’s belief
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a fossil found in a lower layer of rock is considered to be older. Creationists bring forth fossils as well as proof of their beliefs. Frequently, fossils of the creatures are found above or below the rock layer that they were initially found. They are very often discovered in the same form as before and even their living counterparts. Finding these fossils force evolutionary scientists to constantly change and reassess the original time period the fossil was considered to belong to. The Institute for Creation Research has reported on multiple fossil findings that counter the conventional evolutionary time scales. A spider web fossilized in an amber deposit was discovered in a rock layer that was like that of the webs made by orb-weavers today and made it one hundred million years older than the time spiders were thought to have evolved. Another example is the discovery of a small T. Rex in japan that predated the assumed age of T. Rexes age by sixty million years (Thomas). These inconsistencies in the evolutionists time line strengthens the creationists position.
Evolutionists as well as atheists point out that there is no factual evidence of God’s existence. Despite immense scientific and technological progress, despite ultra-sensitive observation systems like orbital telescopes evolutionists argue that there is no proof of
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To be the place where the falling angel meets the rising ape. The two theories of creation and evolution often support each other despite the fact that the two groups seem to always be at odds. Most Cosmologists believe that the universe began about thirteen point seven billion years ago, in an event called the big bang. Theoretical physicist, Nobel laureate in physics, and atheist Steven Weinberg describes the beginning of the universe; “in the beginning there was an explosion, within three minutes ninety-eight percent of the matter that was or ever would be was created.” (Weinberg) For twenty- five hundred years scientists agreed with Aristotle that the universe was a steady state with no beginning and no end. The bible disagreed with that. Theist astronomer George Lemaitre was the first scientist to figure out the basics of the beginning of the universe, and led to the theory of “the big bang”. He explained the description of the big bang, a sudden explosion of light coming from seemingly nothing, is exactly what he would expect if God gave the command found in Genesis 1:3 “let there be light.” (King James Bible, Genesis. 1:3) while some prefer to hold their belief of either creation or evolution without acknowledging the other side, some choose to believe both. That a higher power simply made the possibility of life and then that life developed on its own from there. Fossil findings, complexity, and the
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