Quarter 3 Vocab Test

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B. Quarter 3 Vocab test Vocab is the body of words used in a particular language. 11-12.L.4 - To determine or clarify the meaning of unknown and multiple-meaning words and phrases based on grades 11-12 reading and content, choosing flexibly from a range of strategies. I met this standard by earning 11 out of 15, the best score I ever had. Typically, I would earn 5 or 5.5 points. This vocabulary test #7 was different because I studied for three hours with my family by creating four set of vocab flashcards and play a game in which my mom says a sentence using one of the vocab word from the vocab lists. The outcome was that the winner will money. The result that we got from the game was I won the game. Each time we play this game learning words…show more content…
Linguistic deals with reading and writing. However, I am not an linguistic person. I found out that my strengths happen to be interpersonal because I like working with other people. Interpersonal person understanding one's own interests, goals. These learners tend to shy away from others. They're in tune with their inner feelings; they have wisdom, intuition and motivation, as well as a strong will, confidence and opinions. They can be taught through independent study and introspection. Tools include books, creative materials, diaries, privacy and time. They are the most independent of the learners. When I study by myself it by reading and learning a new vocab is harder for me because I forget the vocabulary words so I get frustrated with the words on the tests and fail. Since I kept on failing on the vocab test my mom helped me by creating a family game. So I gotten better by learning together as a family. We also go over the vocabulary lessons with the class by having one student define each word. In other words, we get the whole class attention and the teacher explains the lesson so everyone can have an understanding from the examples we use to define each text or word. For this vocabulary test, I got an 11 out of
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