Quarterly Incentive Program Analysis

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Anthem Inc. issues bonus pay on a quarterly basis in what is called the Quarterly Incentive Program or QIP as it is often referred to. To be eligible, associates must achieve their department’s goals as well as achieve their personal performances. The Billing and Enrollment department in particular has team production goals between 100-110%. This is made up of two components: Production and Quality. Production refers to the number of lines associated with a particular work report. For example: When an associate is assigned to work what is called the FFM report to correct discrepancies to a member’s data or premium amounts who are enrolled in an insurance plan through the federal exchange according to Affordable Care Act (ACA), they must…show more content…
Organizations have to be very careful and very creative when it comes to utilizing bonus pay in order to motivate employees and drive production. In order to track employee’s production throughout each work day, they are required to enter the work report assigned, how many lines where completed, and the start and end times into a system called PMIS. This is not optional and must be completed daily. Managers are able to pull reports from this database and average workers production percentage for a quarter. Quality goals are measured in terms of how many errors are received when audited during a quarter. Team members are able to go to a particular internal website to view their audits. The site is structured much like an Excel spreadsheet which contains the auditor’s name, employee’s name, an identification number, date the report was worked, auditor’s comment, and a box specifying the error type (Critical/FYI). If a “Critical” error has been issued, then there is a box that can be checked under “Appeals” and workers can put comments in the “Appeal Comments” to support their dispute. Employees usually know where they stand on quality throughout the quarter, whereas production is not revealed until the end of the quarter during a one-on-one meeting with the manager. Managers must not only track employee performance in evaluating who or how much will be awarded. They

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