Quds Force : The Hand Of Iran

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Quds Force: The Hand of Iran Mathew Heazlett Henley-Putnam University 06/29/2015 Author Note Mathew Heazlett is a Master’s Student in the Terrorism & Counter Terrorism Studies at Henley-Putnam University. Submitted to the faculty of Henley-Putnam University, this research paper is in partial fulfillment of the requirements for TCT 596.4A, Origins, Evolutions, and trends in Terrorism and the Master’s Terrorism and Counter Terrorism Studies program. Contact Mathew Heazlett at MathewHeazlett@stu.henley-putnam.edu for correspondence regarding this paper. Abstract Quds Force: The Hand of Iran The Iranian Quds Force (or Jerusalem Force) has been on the front lines of Iranian state sponsored…show more content…
Iran could be considered to be in a state of civil war during this time frame and in early 1979 the Shah fled the country. The Iranian Revolution of 1979 was spearheaded by the Shia Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini and the Revolutionary Guard, Khomeini lived in exile in both Iraq and in France but returned to Iran in early 1979. During his time in exile he spread pro-Islamic Law propaganda through cassette tapes that saturated Iran and helped spur the revolution. During this time many of the Shah’s supporters were executed or fled Iran as the country began to turn from Western influences and accepted Islamic Law. The Shah, whom fled Iran in January 1979 was accepted into the United States for medical reasons in November of that year. In response to the acceptance of the Shah by the United States the American Embassy in Iran was subsequently overran by Shia militants, which resulted in 66 Americans being taken hostage. Iran demanded the return of the Shah for trial along with billions of dollars he reportedly took with him when he fled the country earlier in the year. During this time Ayatollah Khomeini became the absolute ruler in Iran for life. The Shah never returned to Iran and subsequently died in Egypt on July 27th 1980, which led to the negotiation and release of the
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