Quebec Should Not Separate from Canada

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Quebec should not separate from Canada

Quebec was founded by French settlers during the 16th century. It was then conquered by the British (known as the conquest of New France in 1760). “The Philosophy of the Enlightment” allowed Britain’s victory to treat the French people with dignity as both nations were civilized societies (source?). The British allowed the French occupants to maintain cultural aspects such as language and traditions (source?). In effect, The Quebec Act was published in 1974, in efforts to ensure loyalty from the French as the British government worried that the remaining French people would support the American Independent War (source?). The act was favourable for French people; allowing the continual practice of
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Trade barriers and agreements prevent free flow of goods and services. Quebec’s main industries of textiles, furniture and dairy farms are reliant on the rest of Canada, would be adversely affected. For example, dairy products from Quebec, which provide half of the industrial milk for the rest country, would be subjected to higher prices and would decrease its demand. Quebec would lose a stable supply of oil and gasoline from Canada (source). Resources of this nature in any industry would be a sensitive matter and problematic as people would be subjected to higher energy costs.
International trade agreements would spread to both Canada and Quebec in negotiations with foreign countries. The negotiation processes are time consuming with high expenses and exhausting efforts. For example, to negotiate a free trade agreement with the United States, it took more than two years with over a hundred of employees (source?). The aggregate costs of the negotiations were estimated to be 30 million dollars (source?). Quebec does not only need to renegotiate with the United States; it would then have to negotiate with an additional 170 countries. Due to the high intervention of Quebec government in the economy, it is unlikely Quebec would attain sustainable free trade agreements with other countries. Given the weaker external position of Quebec in foreign affairs, it is not easy for the province to bargain higher benefits individually in international
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