Quebec Should be Independent Essay

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The French pioneers arrived on the land of today’s Canada before the 17th century, in which they called New France. The English started to colonize North America in the 17th century, and it dominated the land by defeating the French after the French and Indian War, (McDougal Littell World Geography, page 156). Francophone’s population remained a minority in Northern America. The tension between the two ethnicities worsened, so the French asked for an independent nation. Canada and the Quebec province have been trying to reach a general conclusion by looking at the following three main aspects. Firstly, the diverse culture, history, and language between Quebec and the English speaking provinces. Secondly, the economical power preserved by…show more content…
They felt that their right of existence has been violated. People argued that the federal government and the local governments could help the Quebecers gain their cultural identities back without going through devolution, and they also made French as one of the official language of Canada. In addition, they ensured that the French-Canadian would be given education and culture rights through specific laws that governed it. But numerous disagreements arose during the discussion between the provinces. “The effort aroused tremendous opposition in English Canada, and failed,” (The Case for a Sovereign Quebec, page 1). Quebec had one of the strongest economy in the world. “Quebec was the United States’s eighth largest trading partner,” (Trading with Quebec, page 2). It had numerous advantages that made it one of the strongest and healthiest economy in Canada. Montreal was the third largest city in Canada. It gathered industries from software engineering, electronic productions, to aerospace development. It as a whole had abundant financial and human resources, which provided cheap and approachable water and mineral resources. The local government believed that after gaining independence from Canada, these factors could make it succeed and prosper in the global economy. The major oppositions that stood against Quebec economically was the inconvenience when conducting trades in French. If it did not have the
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