Queen Elizabeth: Golden Age

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Elizabeth’s Golden Age

Elizabeth was Queen of England from 1558-1603. During that time England was a strong country and she was a successful queen.

Many people thought Elizabeth would not last long without a powerful husband but they were proved wrong. In fact Elizabeth was very clever in not choosing a husband. She didn’t choose a husband because she didn’t want anybody taking over her throne. There were four men that she could have married but said no to. The first man was Philip of Spain. Philip of Spain had married Elizabeth’s sister Mary and was expecting Elizabeth to say yes to his proposal. Elizabeth turned him down though because she didn’t want to marry the same man as her sister and also Philip was a devout Catholic. The
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Elizabeth dealt with opposition from inside the country effectively. She didn’t only deal with extremists but also dealt with Mary, Queen of Scots. Mary returned to Scotland after her first husband’s death. She married again to her first cousin, Henry Stuart (Lord Darnley) four years later but their union was unhappy and in February 1567 there was a big explosion at their house and Darnley was found dead in the garden, apparently strangled. She soon married James Hepburn who was actually the main murder suspect for Lord Darnley’s murder. But soon after, following an uprising against the couple, Mary was imprisoned in a castle. After an unsuccessful attempt to reclaim the throne, Mary fled to England to seek protection from her first cousin, once removed, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth had Mary arrested though as soon as she was in the country. This was because of the threat that Mary presented, who had previously claimed the throne to be her own. Mary spent nineteen years in custody, guarded in castles and manor houses across England until she was tried and executed by Elizabeth for her involvement in the Babington plot, a plot to assassinate Elizabeth. Elizabeth’s treatment of Mary not just helped stop the Babington plot but helped Elizabeth’s control of England too. This is because Elizabeth had executed one of the head Catholics which make the others think again and had also helped her since Mary would have been the next
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