Queen Elizabeth I Deserves to Be in the History Hall of Fame

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Queen Elizabeth I Deserves To Be In The History Hall of Fame Queen Elizabeth I was a major political influence from her time and still influences our world today. Elizabeth I was born on September 7th, 1533 in Greenwich, England. She was the daughter of King Henry VIII, the half-sister of King Edward VI and Queen Mary I (Ellis 1). Elizabeth did not only rule the country she had accomplished many other tasks among her lifetime. She wrote her own poems (Women Writers Of Great Britain & Europe 1), she never relied on translators since she had mastered languages like Greek, Latin, French, and Italian when she was a student (Ellis 1). Queen Elizabeth’s greatest accomplishment was being an extraordinary ruler of England. Another massive accomplishment of hers was reestablishing England back to Protestantism. Queen Elizabeth I deserves to be in the History Hall of Fame because she was a successful, popular Queen of England, who reestablished Protestantism to England. First and foremost, Elizabeth I was an outstanding ruler of England, who would reign for 45 years. She was a popular leader who was liked by her people. Elizabeth I was welcomed to the throne on November 17, 1558 at the age of 25, the day Queen Mary had died. But, her coronation did not take place until January 15, 1559 (Elizabeth I). During her time, there were many “voyages of discovery” for her country including: Francis Drake, Walter Raleigh and Humphrey Gilbert. Because of England forming colonies and expanding

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