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Queen Elizabeth I was by all rights England's most praised monarch. Her success in her reign, viewed in later centuries, cannot adequately encompass all that she did or how she maintained her power. In part, her endurance stems from the way in which she learned early in life to fight with forces that were not physical, those of her mind, her intellect, and her own spirit. She used her intellect to create an empire. Her education and early training of mind together with her basic understanding of humanity, both of her own and that of her subjects, kept her at the helm for more than forty years. Analysis of her writings, which include speeches, poems, letters, and documents to Parliament, will help readers understand that Elizabeth …show more content…
Queen Elizabeth I was actually born Elizabeth Tudor, the daughter of Henry VIII and his second wife (after England's split from the Catholic Church), Anne Boleyn. She was crowned Queen of England on January14, 1559 and reined for the next 44 years. She is remembered by such names as the "Virgin Queen" and "Good Queen Bess."

Her childhood was a rather tumultuous one, with her father paying very little or no attention to her. Her governess had to write to him saying that Elizabeth needed some clothes because all of the ones that she had were too small. Her mother was executed when she was 2 years old after being accused of adultery, incest etc. After her father's death, the throne went to her Catholic half-sister Mary. Mary's policies of burning Protestants at the stake and an unsuccessful war with France, wherein she lost Callais, the last of England's strongholds on the continent, made her less than popular.

When Elizabeth was sixteen rumors were spread she had plotted with Thomas Seymour to put him in line for the throne. In addition, the rumor that she was having a love affair with him and was pregnant with his child surfaced. These rumors called into question the value of honor and honesty of the young Lady Elizabeth.

In this situation, Elizabeth shows one of her first examples of building her leadership image through her writings. Elizabeth wrote a letter

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