Queen Elizabeth I Of England

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In the late 16th century, Queen Elizabeth I of England endeavored to establish a permanent settlement in the New World. Elizabeth granted English aristocrat Sir Walter Ralegh the rights to introduce a settlement to spread the influence of the Queen and the Christian faith. In 1585, the first English settlers populated the new colony of Roanoke. By establishing Roanoke, the English hoped to launch trade with the Native Americans and mount piracy attacks on the ships of the enemy Spanish fleet. Queen Elizabeth sponsored “privateering” by motivating English sailors to raid and pillage Spanish ships, and having an English colony near the Spanish colonies would increase the effectiveness of privateering. Elizabeth hoped that once the English controlled the entire Eastern Seaboard of the new continent, the Spanish would hardly be a threat. However, the English were hasty in establishing their first settlement and this ultimately lead to the downfall of the colony. Roanoke failed to last for more than a few years and by 1590, the entire colony had disappeared. If the English focused on establishing a safe and durable settlement instead of developing a base for trade, privateering, and further expansion, the first colony of Roanoke could have been successful. Roanoke was established with the intent of being a trading colony before the colonists firmly established friendly relations with the Native Americans. In 1584, English writer Richard Hakluyt documented a list of advantageous…
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