Queen Elizabeth I Of England Or The Golden Age

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Queen Elizabeth I of England
Queen Elizabeth I of England is considered to be the most significant monarch in all of English history. She ruled England for forty-four years with a commitment to preserve peace and strength. Her time as Queen, would come to be known as the Elizabethan Era or the Golden Age.
Born on the seventh of September 1533 to King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth was a healthy and happy baby, however, she was to only spend three years with her birth-mother, who would be executed in 1536 for false charges made by King Henry VIII of incest, adultery, witchcraft, and conspiracy against the king. Her father was disappointed she wasn’t a boy and didn’t even show up to her christening, executing Anne because she failed
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However, the rivalry did not last very long because Mary was executed in 1587. Elizabeth refused to have her executed, but after Mary’s role in the Babington Plot was revealed, she made the decision to send her to her death.
Elizabeth found her final years as queen difficult. Ministers would often make decisions without consulting her first; she was loosing her grip on power. She was in Richmond Palace when her health started to fail and died in the early hours of March 24th, 1603, making her the oldest monarch to rule England at that time, proving to England that women can do some extraordinary things, just as well as men can. Elizabeth was never married and had no children to take on the throne so King James of Scotland took over the throne.
Elizabeth left England peaceful, strong, rich, powerful, and with a majority transferring to protestant, but her greatest achievement was the relationships she forged with her subjects. Queen Elizabeth was truly an incredible leader and has her own unique place in history. Her loving and kind spirit drew many people in and made her a favorite. Like she said in her golden speech of 1601, “This I account the glory of my crown, that I have reigned with your
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