Queen Elizabeth II: A Biography

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Queen Elizabeth II EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Queen Elizabeth II might be one of the most influential monarchs living today in this era of the democratic states. With her rule over the Commonwealth Nations lasting for over fifty years, the Queen has been very much popular with the public, not just in Great Britain or amongst the Commonwealth Nations, but also amongst all the nations of the world. The Queen's life might have only begun as the first child to the Duke and Duchess of York, but instantly she came into attention of the nation with her strong bond with the then head of state, King George V, who was also Elizabeth's grandfather. The qualities of Elizabeth had been exemplary from the very start. Although a little mischievous as a child, Elizabeth was quite mannered, polite and respectful. After her father, King George VI, was crowned, Elizabeth became the natural successor to the throne. With this face, a sense of responsibility arose within her, making her more active towards the matters of national interest. She had already become famous amongst the public with her very first broadcast to console, strengthen and assure the war stricken children of the nation. Her efforts to assist the country in the tome of war showed her courage, bravery and love for the nation and its people. After her marriage with Duke of Edinburgh and then replacing her deceased father as the head of the state, Elizabeth had shown immense maturity as she kept working tirelessly to uphold the
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