Queen Elizabeth Of The Elizabethan Era

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During the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, bounteous, layered skirts we 're all the rage, so much so, laws were made to keep clothing in line. These laws were made to clearly divide the social classes of the time (Alchin). Knowing these laws was very important, because punishments for breaking the laws were harsh. Queen Elizabeth I saw the significance in the clothes people wear and how appearance alters the way people see others. This is why the Elizabethan people would sacrifice anything, even their health, to be beautiful. Queen Elizabeth definitely influenced the clothing of her Era and some of the clothing today by creating Sumptuary Laws, clearly dividing the social classes, and by raising the importance of body image.
Unlike today, in the Elizabethan Era, money was not the most important thing. Though money was an aid in being in the upper class, the title you held was what determined your social status (Alchin). Royalty and nobility were able to wear clothing materials and colors that maids and farmers could not. In the Elizabethan Era, all colors had certain meanings. For example, the color purple meant royalty. According to the clothing laws, only people in the higher class such as the Queen or her family members and other nobility could wear the color purple (Alchin). The clothing they wore was strictly based on their social class and how high up the social ladder they were (Christman). Even upper class children were easily distinguished from the children of the…

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