Queen Elizabeth Research Paper

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Queen Elizabeth was born April 21, 1926. Currently this makes her 90 years old. This also makes her the longest reigning monarch in the United Kingdom. Elizabeth was born in London and is the eldest of two children. She has a younger sister Margaret. She (Margret) was born in 1930 just four years after Elizabeth. Both are the children of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. Elizabeth was born via cesarean section at her maternal grandfather’s home on Bruton St. in London. Although her birth generated a public interest Elizabeth was not expected to become queen. Not even at the young age that she gained the throne. Her uncle the Prince of Wales was still very young and thought to reign himself. Elizabeth was educated at home to suit her future…show more content…
Elizabeth and Philip were on a trip in Kenya at the time. When Elizabeth received the news she immediately assumed the responsibilities of the ruling Monarch. Her official coronation was June 2, 1953. It took place in Westminister Abbey. Elizabeth’s coronation was the first to ever be broadcast on television. However, the religious parts of the coronation which are sacred were not televised. This allowed people from across the globe to witness the pomp and spectacle of the event. It was time changing for the royals. Queen Elizabeth has seen so much in her time. She and Philip had a total of four children. There have been many scandals in the monarchy. She has witnessed much loss with the loss of her father and years to follow her sister Margaret and her mom the queen mother. She became a grandmother to Prince William and Prince Harry. She is now the longest reigning monarch in Great Britain. Elizabeth showed that the crown still had great power when she was the first monarch to visit the Republic of Ireland since 1911. This woman still reigns to this day and still shows just how great a woman she is. While some of her responsibilities may have been passed to her eldest son she still remains, in her throne and continues to handle around 435 engagements and stays very active in the
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