Queen Elizabeth : The Golden Age

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“Of myself I must say this, I was never any greedy, scraping grasper, nor a strait, fast- holding prince, nor yet a waster. My heart was never set on worldly goods but for my subjects’ good” (Queen Elizabeth I). Elizabeth Tudor was a talented, wise, and dedicated Queen of England who did everything in her power for her subjects and her country. With a lack of husband, she was only ever married to her country because she wanted peace and to do right by her country during her reign. England prospered remarkably to the point that the Queen’s reign is known as The Golden Age. Queen Elizabeth is arguably the best monarch to have ever ruled England gaining her subjects love and loyalty, “No monarch became as popular as Elizabeth or won such loyalty from the people” (British History pg 100). Born on September 7, 1533 in GreenWich Palace, United Kingdom was the beloved daughter of King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. Elizabeth was Henry VIII’s second child, the eldest being Mary I, Elizabeth’s half sister. Growing up Queen Elizabeth had a harsh childhood consisting of the death of her mother, getting her title stripped, and the death of her father. Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII’s second wife and a Protestant, was executed when Elizabeth was barely older than two and a half years old. She was beheaded on the orders of the King on May 19, 1536 because she was accused of committing adultery and conspiracy, this was probably due the fact that King Henry VIII wanted a son and Anne Boleyn only
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