Queen Elizabeth : The Last Tudor Monarch

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As the child of Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth was the last Tudor monarch who ruled England from 1558-1603, or Elizabethan Era. Before her reign, England experienced wars and unemployment, leaving many citizens starving and jobless. There were also religious conflicts, mainly between Protestant and Catholic, because of previous monarchs changing religion very often. Due to these conflicts, Queen Elizabeth was compelled to devote her time in resolving economic and religious conflicts. Despite numerous problems in England at that time, the Queen also managed to engage in art including music and painting. Although Elizabeth experienced hardships during her childhood, her efforts in spreading art and establishing new ways of governing contributed in making her one of the most influential figures in both her time and in history. Queen Elizabeth, as a child, experienced scandals that threatened her position in the royal family which led to her pursuing the “perfect protestant woman” image so she can secure her way to the throne. Since the execution of her mother and Henry VIII’s death, she was driven out of her position in the kingdom and she was forced to live with the new queen Jane Seymour. Because Jane Seymour’s husband, Thomas Seymour, often teased young Elizabeth, members of the royal family started rumors about their relationship. As a result, Elizabeth wore Protestant clothes such as a plain black and white dress without any jewellery to demonstrate that she is pure and had…
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