Queen Elizabeth: The Virgin Queen

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Lizzie Scott “I am already bound unto a husband which is the Kingdom of England.” -Elizabeth I (Add Intro) Queen Elizabeth was famously known as “The Virgin Queen” for never marrying. She refused to share her power. Queen Elizabeth was born in 1533 and she and her sister were claimed to be illegitimate by her father, Henry VIII since he was looking for a male heir to his throne. Her mother, Anne Boleyn, was executed by her husband Henry VIII for what historians believe was false charges of adultery and conspiracy when Elizabeth was just two. Elizabeth stayed at Hatfield House and learned many things including Latin and Greek. Her stepmother, Catherine Parr, saw Elizabeth’s potential and had her educated to the highest standards by learning the art of publicly speaking, and being able to address a large number of people. Her sister Mary or as many called her Bloody Mary died in 1558 and soon after Elizabeth was crowned Queen of England. Queen Elizabeth sets the score for female leaders represents the epitome of a strong female monarch. Queen Elizabeth demonstrated good leadership by being able to solve problems someone else created. In order to settle the differences in religion, Queen Elizabeth once said, “There is one Jesus Christ, the rest is a dispute of little importance” (qtd. In “Queen Elizabeth I Biography”). Queen Elizabeth knew about her sister “Bloody Mary” and how she got the name, so in order to bring back the peace to her land she called in Parliament in
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