Queen Elizabeth's Lasting Effect on Theater Essay

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Queen Elizabeth's Lasting Effect on Theater

Queen Elizabeth came to be known as one of the greatest rulers of the English empire. Under the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, a more efficient government was created. The church was unified, the English empire was expanded, and language, literature, and theater flourished to a greatness that would be impossible for almost any other period of English history, or any other European empire, for that matter, to match. Although there was a great rise in literature,it was theater that catapulted to greatness during Elizabeth's reign. Out of Elizabeth's era came Elizabethan theater. Elizabethan theater has such a variety of topics, that would make it virtually impossible to talk about in ten pages.
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"To the Queen's interest, some six to ten plays were given every winter at court and she saw many others when in progress throughout the country or while attending weddings or banquets in London."(Clunes 27) Within time, Elizabeth was awarding more performances in court. That is one of the ways Elizabeth helped the theater arts to florish. The more performances that were given, the more theater became popular, and the more the people of England wanted to see it. The Companies During the Elizabethan Era many things emerged. Amongst them was the creation of Adult Companies. Approximately twenty-four Adult Companies were developed. (The Count Intruders, The Earl of Leicester's men, Lord Rich's Men, Lord Abergavenny's Men, The Earl of Sussex's Men, Sir Robert Lane's Men, The Earl of Lincoln's (Lord Clinton's) Men, The Earl of Warwick's Men, The Earl of Oxford's Men, The Earl of Essex's Men, Lord Vaux's Men Lord Berkeley's Men, the Earl of Arundel's Men, The earl of Hertford's Men, Mr. Evelyn's Men, The Earl of Derby's Men (Lord Strange's) Men, The Earl of Pembroke's Men, The Lord Admiral's (Lord Howard's, Earl of Nottingham's), Prince Henry's, and Elector Palatine's Men, The Lord Chamberlain's Men (Lord Hunsdon's) and King's Men, The Earl of Wosterster's and Queen Anne's Men, The Duke of Lennox's Men, The Duke of York's (Prince Charles's) Men, and

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