Queen Gertrude in Shakespeare's Hamlet a Victim not Murderer

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Gertrude never seems to get in the middle of Hamlet and Claudius' disputes, so many tend to assume that she is involved in King Hamlet's murder. However, there is an abundance of in-text evidence that suggests she is very innocent and oblivious to Claudius' plots throughout the play. Most of this evidence supporting that Gertrude has nothing to do with King Hamlet's sudden death. From the start, Gertrude comes off as a very clueless and almost blind character to the things happening around her. She mourns for the death of the man she loved, but with her country in mind does what she thinks is best. Sadly, while doing so, she involves herself in a dispute that turns deadly. It is very obvious throughout the play that Queen Gertrude and …show more content…
Instead of asking ridiculous questions and going haywire, like her new husband, Gertrude simply comments on the acting by saying, ? The lady protests too much, methinks? (Shakespeare 3.2.168). She even becomes baffled by Claudius? strange behavior when he screams, ?Give me some light, away!? (Shakespeare 3.2.172). Gertrude clearly did now know the plot line of the play before having seen it, therefore she could not have been involved in the making of it earlier in the play. When problems with Ophilia and Hamlet arise, Claudius simply sees this as another opportunity to quiet Hamlet. He encourages the relationship, hoping if Hamlet is seeing Polonius? daughter, he wont speak out about his suspicions of Claudius. Although, when Gertrude gets word of these news, she sees this as a completely different opportunity. She, unlike her new husband, encourages the relationship in hopes that it will cheer up her son and he will return to normal. She says to Ophilia, ?And for your part, Ophelia, I do wish that your good beauties be the happy cause of Hamlet's wildness. So shall I hope your virtues will bring him to his wonted way again, to both your honors? (Shakespeare 3.1.136). Gertrude only thinks of her sons well being. In which case, if she had been involved in King Hamlets murder, she would probably be more worried about not being caught instead of how to make Hamlet happy again. If Gertrude was Claudius? partner in crime, one would assume that he would let her in
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