Queen Henry Viii 's Second Wife

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Elizabeth I was born on Sunday, September 7, 1533; her father was King Henry VIII of England and her mother was the very infamous Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII’s second wife (Starkey 1). King Henry VIII was disappointed with Elizabeth’s gender, he was hoping for son and not another daughter and Henry’s astrologers and doctors predicted that Anne Boleyn would give birth a son (Starkey 4). Boleyn was executed for being a whore when Elizabeth was only 2-3 years old (Starkey 22). Despite this trauma, Elizabeth seems to have covered up memories of late mother and her main objective was to please her father and gain back her title. When Elizabeth was stripped of royal title, she sent to a different estate to live with her governess, Lady Bryan because King Henry VIII didn’t want to see the child of his late wife. Soon after Boleyn’s execution, King Henry VIII married Jane Seymour who was one of Anne Boleyn’s ladies-in-waiting. Elizabeth I was also very precocious as you can see Elizabeth was smart for her age.
She also had two half siblings, Mary I and Edward VI. Mary I was the daughter of Henry VIII’s first wife Queen Catherine of Aragon. At first, Mary I despised Elizabeth I because Henry had to divorce her mother in order to marry Elizabeth I’s mother Anne Boleyn. So as you can see their relationship got off to her very rocky start. Not only did Mary lose her mom to Anne Boleyn but she was stripped of her royal title and was forced to become a servant for baby Elizabeth. Elizabeth I…

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