Queen Of The Damned By Anne Rice

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Queen of the Damned What was once a terrifying creature has now been turned into something that sparkles and seduces seventeen year old girls. Vampire movies have really changed over the years, each having their own way of displaying vampires to their audiences. Anne Rice, the author of the book Queen of the Damned, shows vampires in a way that most wouldn’t consider normal. Bringing the immortal into the music culture allows Rice’s main character Lestat to feel on top of the world again. With a healthy balance of blood and death, this movie allows its audience to learn Lestat’s history, while a dark soundtrack provides the scenery. All vampire movies include one thing that sets the plot in motion; they must keep their existence a secret no matter what. Based on that one thing it can cause many different outcomes depending on the characters in the story. Queen of the Damned is what I like to call a ‘real’ vampire movie. The soundtrack really sets up the movie during the death and the feeding scenes that are a must have in this certain kind of movie. It 's not enough to simply have the present day information being set up, but having a good understanding on how the plot all came together can make or break this genre. A vampire’s back story allows an emotional connection with the main character which is something that makes the movie even better. The audience wants to feel like they are actually in the movie and experiencing all the problems. Problems such as people
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