Queen Rowan Therin: A Short Story

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“From the minute she was born,her parents believed she was destined to be Queen. All believed it. For she was a Cousland. She wore beautiful dresses handmade,and ran around picking flowers. That was,until she finally met Maric. Until she heard the tales of the former queen. Queen Rowan Therin,an amazing warrior. That day,at age 6,the destined queen died.
Instead,rising from the ashes was the destined hero. The warrior. The woman who would be an unmovable force. A force to be reckoned with. She knew being queen wouldn’t make her weak. She didn’t want that life,though. She wanted to prove that more than just a few woman could be warriors,even heros. She wanted to show who she could be-who she would be.”
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Murdered in the hands of betrayal. She felt rage. Nothing but rage,and a thirst for vengeance. But not yet. She became a Grey Warden. She gathered allies,and fought enemies. After over a year had passed,it was time.
She finally delievered the vengeance.
Nothing. After the final blow,she felt nothing,but she could hear his blood stop. Dropping her sword,tears fell from her eyes. Tears that had been built up for so long. From the time she had become a warrior,until now. She hadn’t cried once. She held it in. Now having fallen to her knees,her companions gathered around her,trying to get her out. To tell her they needed to save Anora. It seemed the tears stopped as soon as the woman’s name was mentioned.
Clenching her jaw,she stood up,grabbing her sword. Upstairs,they were able to get the queen out from her temporary prison. A door slamming. Turning,there were at least twenty guards,along with Loghain’s lieutenant,Ser …show more content…

It seemed everybody in Thedas and their mother was here.
“The group was ready,and entered the Landsmeet. Loghain was to face the Cousland,in a duel. She said not even ten words to challenge him. ‘We get to finish our duel,it seems.’ The sadness was apparent in her voice. For the battle,everyone held their breath and placed their hearts on hold. Not a sound could be heard other than pained groans,tired breath,and the clash of steel on steel. Soon,there was a winner. Breath was returned to everyone,as well as shock.
This woman,who had already lost so much in such a short time…had just defeated Loghain. His death was called for. Yet,she lingered. She couldn’t move.Still looking down at this man,the man who had helped train her himself,she spoke one word. That word sparked anger. ‘No’.”
Around him,everyone was surprised. Not anymore than I was,he thought.
“She said she would not kill him. Instead,he joined the Grey Wardens. To this day,there are people who admire a sarcrifce made by a young dwarf,by the name of Serana Brosca. Though it was protested by the others,she begged to be allowed to do this. ‘If I do this,it could make our family paragons! I crave that honor. Please,let me do

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