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A Guide to Queen Walking

Deploying the Archer Queen with several healers (4 or 5) accompanying her is called the Queen Walk technique. This results in the outer rim of the base getting destroyed at a very cheap price, the Queen Walk if done effectively will result in a huge chunk of buildings getting wiped off the base at virtually no cost. This also creates a funnel for all the troops, causing them to advance to the centre of the base as the rim structures that usually distract them, no longer exist.
If a Queen Walk is executed perfectly, the Archer Queen and healers can join the rest of the attacking troops to press the attack and claim that elusive 3-star victory. The main reason why this technique is powerful is the cheap cost that gets
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If the healers die, the queen dies so aid these two units however you can. Remember to drop rage when needed to assist in taking out a pesky defence structure that will kill your Queen otherwise. The attack should be head on, the healers should be out of range of all defences, while the Archer Queen vaporizes structures one by one.
Your Queen Walk attempt may come to an abrupt halt if you encounter hidden teslas or xbows and do not react quickly. The best solution for taking out multiples of these defences is to rage your Queen and use a freeze spell on these defences. However, a single defence will not halt your Queen Walk of death in any way.
One of the weaknesses of this technique is a horde lying in wait in the Clan Castle. The Queen is very weak against numerous tiny units, so your poison should be at the ready at all times. Another hurdle that is difficult to cross is the presence of a defending hero. The Queen should get sufficient healing from the healers behind her but always have your eyes glued to her health bar and only activate her ability if the health drops dangerously low. Wasting this ability can end up with your raid attempt in shambles so make sure that you really need to use the ability before you use it.
This technique works well only if your Archer Queen is sufficiently levelled
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