Queen of Air and Darkness Study Guide Essay

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Study Guide Questions: The Queen of Air and Darkness 1.The weather-crow was a carrion crow, with an arrow in its beak to point to the wind, like the one of Morgan le Fay’s castle. 2. King Uther invited the Earl and Countess of Cornwall to his castle. Then he wanted to marry the Countess but she said no, then The Earl and Countess ran away in the dead of night. When Uther finds out he threatens the Earl. The Earl puts himself and Countess in different castle. Merlyn puts Uther in the Earl’s castle and Uther kills the Earl then forcefully married the Countess and rapes her. 3. The sons adore their mother uncritically. Queen Morgause doesn’t really care about her sons; she mostly ignores them. 4. Merlyn believes that Might doesn’t make…show more content…
If everyone took him seriously he could change what they think about Might is Right. 13. After Arthur wins the next battle he wants to use Might for Right. All the knight will only fight for good not for fun. He wants to bring unity and peace. 14. Merlyn has not lived in vain. He dedicated his life and his magic to show the people in power how things should be done for the good of the people. 15. Morgause’s sons hunt to hunt the unicorn so they can serve. They do end up killing the unicorn but when their mother finds out about it is she is furious because she was unsuccessful with her unicorn hunting and she beats them. 16. Arthur decides to make a round table so there is not head of the table. 17. Merlyn talks about Hitler and Jesus. Hitler tried to force upon people what he thought was a good way of life while, Jesus taught people his philosophies and made his ideas available as opposed to forcing them upon people. 18 .Kay says that there is going to be a lot of jealousy and that if Arthur treats the knight well they will all want to fight like him. 19. The purpose of Grummore and Palomides making the fake Questing Beast is to off set the dark tone of most of the book with a bit of comic relief. 20. Arthur is upset about Merlyn and Nimue so Merlyn tells him about the guy who fled to Aleppo because he wanted to show Arthur that you can’t escape destiny. If it’s meant to
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