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Queensland Barb-b-ques -- Confidential Information You are international marketing manager for Queensland Barb-b-ques (QBBQ), an Australian manufacturer of outdoor cooking equipment. Founded in 1958, QBBQ began with a single product -- a cast iron barb-b-que plate that was sold to be used in brick barb-b-ques that were popular during that era. By the late 1970s, QBBQ had begun to expand its product line as the baby-boomer generation matured and began cooking meals outdoors in a different way and on a more regular basis. During this period, the company experienced rapid growth and diversified into related merchandise such as kettle barb-b-ques and portable barb-b-ques, among other products. In the past 5 years, QBBQ’s growth has…show more content…
These points reflect how important the issue and that particular outcome are to QBBQ. These values are shown in the scoring key that follows. Your counterpart at FEC has his or her own scoring key, which is different from yours. Do not share your scoring key with him or her, as this is confidential information. Your goal is to negotiate the highest score possible. Make sure when you are communicating with your counterpart at FEC that you correctly refer to the equipment as outdoor grills. Scoring Key for Queensland Barb-b-ques Issue Negotiated outcome Point value No. of units exchanged 3000 800 2500 650 2000 500 1000 350 500 150 Price per unit (U.S.$) $500 700 $450 450 $400 200 $350 0 Delivery date March 500 April 300 May 250 June 150 Product guarantee None 650 Parts (up to $50 per unit) 450 Parts (no limit) 250 Parts and labor 100 Exclusivity None 450 Only FEC* in Eastern U.S. 300 Only FEC* in U.S. 100 Payment terms 6 months 100 30 days 250 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ *Note: FEC = Flying Eagle Campgrounds. Flying Eagle Campgrounds -- Queensland Barb-b-ques Background Information and Contract This negotiation involves the vice-president of a company
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