Queensland Services Building Authority Act

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Applied Law Essay Queensland Services Building Authority Act UDB102 Assessment 2 Essay| Due Date: 27/9/13 | Word Count- Part A: 910 Part B: 1307 Introduction: In order to establish the true meaning of Section 42-Unlawful Carrying Out of Building Work of the Queensland Building Services Authority Act (QBSAA) 1991 (Qld), the objective of the entirety of the act must be considered. Section 3 of the Act states that the objects of the Act are to regulate the building industry, provide remedies for defective building work and provide support, education and advice for those who undertake building work and consumers. Section 42 is intended to be read to comply with the objectives of the Act. Section 42-Unlawful Carrying Out of Building Work is…show more content…
Firstly, ‘person’, section 32D of the (AIA) states ‘person’ includes corporations as well as an individual. Section 32A of the (AIA) establishes definitions are to be read in context. Section 4 of the (QBSAA) is headed definitions, however under this section Schedule 2 deals with definitions under the Act. Schedule 2 offers an exhaustive list of what constitutes building work. Building work means-- (a) the erection or construction of a building; or (b) the renovation, alteration, extension, improvement or repair of a building; or (c) the provision of lighting, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, water supply, sewerage or drainage in connection with a building; or (e) any site work (including the construction of retaining structures) related to work of a kind referred to above; or (f) the preparation of plans or specifications for the performance of building work; or (fa) contract administration carried out by a person in relation to the construction of a building designed by the person; or (g) fire protection work; or (h) carrying out site testing and classification in preparation for the erection or construction of a building on the site; or (i) carrying out a completed building inspection; or (j) the inspection or investigation of a building, and the provision of advice or a report, for the following-- (i) termite management systems for the building; (ii) termite infestation in the building; but does not include work
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