Queer Musicology Means Gender And Sexuality

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To put it simply, queer musicology means gender and sexuality in music. Queerness means strange activities that are used to describe the people who having a sexual orientation to persons of the same sex. Homosexuality is not usually talked in public, especially in China. American is quite open, while China is more conservative. Homosexual literature has never been accepted by the mainstream society. Homosexual culture is a sensitive topic to them. When people talk about this subject, most of them choose to be silent. Homosexuality has a history of thousands years in China. However, our country emphasizes men and women to reconcile and fertility. Therefore, gays and lesbians as a group are not accepted by mainstream society. They are drifting on the outside boundary of society for a long time and under enormous pressure. Since the 1990s, boom of the Internet changed the whole society form, meanwhile leading revolutionary change to gays and lesbians. With the development of new media technology, blogs offer them a place that let them get together and discuss themselves. It creates an interaction space different from reality society. For homosexual group, homosexual blog is an information communication platform, social communication platform and rights demand platform.
Changing perception in China. In Chinese history, the phenomenon of homosexuality has existed for thousands of years. But in my country, homosexuality is still a sensitive topic in public because it is

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