Queer Theory : Gender And Gender

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I will be explaining the following; Queer Theory, Radical feminism, sex=gender, biology is not destiny, youth non conformity, hegemonic masculinity, transgender and gender based harassment. I have used these six concepts because they highlight how sexuality and gender are constructed by society. This construction causes a heterosexual norm, which some people do not identify under. I have focused on Queer Theory because it depicts what is considered ‘normal’ regarding gender and sexuality. I also chose Radical theory to show how the construction of gender and sexuality can have a negative effect on women.
Queer Theory
Queer Theory emerged in the 1990’s. This theory consists of concepts from poststructuralism, feminist theory, and gay and lesbian studies. Queer theory focuses on challenging the binary surrounding sexuality and identity. (Mann, 2014).
This theory pushes what is considered the heterosexual norm and makes people think out of the box. This theory challenges the concept of ‘biology is destiny’ and scrutinizes the construction of sexualities. This means queer theorists take what is considered ‘normal’ out of the spotlight and focus on concepts outside of the binary. This theory is important for women and gender study students because student of this class need to be able to think intersectionally on many different concepts and apply critical thinking to information that is conveyed to them.
Queer Theory allows people to have a…
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