Quentin Kaflix Conflict

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Quentin goes on a mission to solve the clues and find the girl who stole his heart and made him feel alive. He goes on many dead and journeys and gets no where, until he sees a comment on a website that could only be from her. He decides to ditch graduation with his two friends and Margo’s “friend” to go on a twenty-one-hour drive to Algoe, New York, where they end up finding her. Once they find her, she tells them that she did not want to be found and they find out Margo is not who they thought she was. Quentin then gets to know the real Margo Roth Spieglman and he realizes he does not want to give up his whole life back home for a girl he only loved the thought of. Margo and Quentin burry their childhood selves and say their goodbyes, promising…show more content…
The main conflict in the story is man versus man. It involves the main character Quentin Jacobsen and his childhood friend Margo Roth Spieglman. The conflict is how Quentin is trying to find Margo and understand her clues, although she does not make them easy. This was solved by eventually finding Margo, when in the end she did not want to be found, but then realizing she wants to be left alone and that maybe Margo is not who they all thought she was. I was pretty satisfied with the resolution because it was really the only relevant thing to do other than to leave Margo and forget about her, which I would not have wanted. Also, it showed that Quentin really did care about Margo and if she was safe, which gives the book a romantic aspect which I liked.
2. In the beginning of the novel “Paper Towns”, the main character, Quentin, is determined to find Margo, to bring her home, and that he will not be happy until he does. He also tells himself if she does not want to come back home with him, he will stay and travel with her. By the end of the novel, after he finds her, he is willing to accept Margo doesn’t want to come back, that maybe he can be happy, even if he does not find her or she does not want to come back, and that he has a life back at home and he cannot just run away with the girl of his
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