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Quentin Tarentino

Throughout the many years the film industry has grown, a certain type of filmmaker immerged, known as an auteur. An auteur, usually a director, has a strong personal style and exercises creative control over his or her works. Quentin Tarentino, for example, has proven himself to be an auteur in various ways. Quentin Tarentino worked for four years as a clerk in a Los Angeles video store, where he made his feature directorial and screenwriting debut of Reservoir Dogs, and where he further expanded his great knowledge of film. Tarentino’s personal style incorporates a lot of well thought out violence, swearing, repetitive casting, and many other filming techniques. In looking at Reservoir Dogs, Jackie Brown, and
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The last very brutal scene of the movie is when the whole crew of gangsters hold guns that are pointed at each other for the sake of Mr. Orange’s life. Eventually, the whole gang ends up dying, even Mr. Orange. When he confesses to being a cop Mr. White puts a bullet in his head and is instantly killed by the police officers that came in for the bust. All this violence portrays many things about the film and about what Tarentino is trying to suggest. He manifests these gangster characters with such disregard to living, going to jail, and swearing simply to show the audience how he believes criminals act. Quentin therefore tries to present a criminal lifestyle as it most likely is, not worth it. He suggests that a life of crime and violence leads to dead ends such as jail, death, or predicaments such as having an informant on a well-planned out diamond heist. Quentin Tarentino uses tracking shots that also leave his mark on the movies he directs. For instance, when Mr. Blonde starts to lead his fellow criminals out to the car to look at the cop he has captured. The camera begins to follow the group out to the car from their backsides, and then opens up to the outside of the warehouse, from dark to light. This shows the criminals containment in the warehouse; in a way trapped from leaving. When they arrive to the car, the camera shows the criminals from a low-angle. This represents their power over the cop, and the feelings they hold for their superiority over law, when
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