Quesionnaire to the Dean of Wildlife in India

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The questionnaire was mailed to the Dean of the Wildlife Institute of India, Dr. V. B. Mathur who is also in-charge of the NBSAP (with Aichi Target implementation strategies by India) to be submitted to the CBD by the 14th of March. The conversation taking place through Skype video and the responses were noted down. 1ST Talking of environmental governance, governance means lot many things apart from species, the National Environmental Policy (NEP) 2006 is the important document and India is among the few countries in world who has enacted its own environmental policy, in the NEP, 14 principles included for environmental governance, answer would be, India has NEP it outlines the vision for environmental governance in the country, and is undoubtedly one of the very good documents at the policy and governance level. 2ND Talking about the CBD principles, as signatory to the CBD, India accepts all three principles and is taking measures to implement all three. Regarding the first principle – no doubt on that, in situ conservation measures are set up – National Parks, Sanctuary, Community reserves and Conservation Reserves and for ex situ we are setting up zoos, museums, zoological gardens etc. and so on and so forth, the second principle is talking about the sustainable use of biodiversity, here we have to say that India is not fully subscribing to the use of biodiversity, unlike Africa unlike North America, India’s conservation ethos are different, we do not believe in game

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