Quest for People- Centered Orgnization and Ethical Conduct

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Chapter 1 : The Quest for People-Centered Organizations and Ethical Conduct Concepts • “If you treat your employees as unique individuals, they’ll be loyal to you and they’ll perform— and your business will perform, too.” Pg 36 • “People aren’t your “greatest asset”—they’re your only asset.” Pg 37 • seven people-centered practices to be strongly associated with much higher profits and significantly lower employee turnover: o Job security (to eliminate fear of layoffs). o Careful hiring (emphasizing a good fit with the company culture). o Power to the people (via decentralization and self-managed teams). o Generous pay for performance. o Lots of training. o Less emphasis on status (to build a “we” feeling). o Trust building…show more content…
• Poor career planning • A negative diversity climate. Climate is generally viewed as employee perceptions about an organization’s formal and informal policies, practices, and procedures. • An unsupportive and hostile working environment for diverse employees • Lack of political savvy on the part of diverse employees • Difficulty in balancing career and family issues • Fears of reverse discrimination. • The need to revamp the organization’s performance appraisal and reward system • Resistance to change. Roosevelt Thomas Jr, eight generic action options that can be used to address any type of diversity issue. o Option 1: Include/Exclude o Option 2: Deny o Option 3: Assimilate The basic premise behind this alternative is that o all diverse people will learn to fit in or become like the dominant group. o Option 4: Suppress o Option 5: Isolate o Option 6: Tolerate o Option 7: Build Relationships o Option 8: Foster Mutual Adaptation Definitions 1) Affirmative action- Focuses on achieving equality of opportunity in an organization. 2) Discrimination- Occurs when employment decisions are based on factors that are not job related. 3) Managing diversity -Creating organizational changes that enable all people to perform up to their maximum potential. 4) Workforce demographics- Statistical profiles of

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