Question 2 Case Study

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Response to Question Two

Three of the greatest needs of children in the Richmond area are money, medicine, and education. Some ways to obtain money for children in need would be to have plenty of fundraisers and donation boxes. Frequently, people in Richmond could come to a local park and participate in games designed to raise funds and create awareness for children in poverty. Donation boxes could be placed around the city to collect funds.

Most children need health care and education which can cost a great amount of money. One way of raising money for this cause would be a tax. This tax could be a national or local tax and it could raise funds extremely quickly.

Response to Question Three

Conor originally thought that Nepal
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He worked well when Sandra had to leave for a month and when Santosh was sick and had to go to the hospital. The volunteers were forced to work together many times and they were capable of being successful at doing their duties. At one point, it seemed that everything was going against them but they continued onward. For example, a riot called Bandha occurred and the volunteers were forced to teach a subject for a day. Conor was forced to teach his worst subject, Science but with the help of a student, Santosh, he was able to teach them the water cycle. Overall, the teams worked well together and were able to help the Princes to their best standards.

Response to Question Five

Conor’s experience in Nepal and my Connect experience were similar in many ways. The greatest connection we had was when we both volunteered to help young children. Another connection I thought we had in common was responsibility. Conor made sure everyone was cared for and behaving themselves, while I had to teach kindergarteners how to speak English.

In the Skyping session, a connection I made was with our attitudes. Conor and I aren’t cocky or rude. We care for everyone in the world, no matter how
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