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WORK BOOK- UNIT 5 A/601/8574(HSC 24) Learner Name: Date completed: | | |UNIT 5 A/601/8574 (HSC 24)- | |Principles of Safeguarding and Protection in Health and Social Care. | |Unit aim: | |This unit introduces…show more content…
intimidation, | |taunting, use powers of control etc. | |Psychological abuse – it includes lack of communication with the adults, isolating an adult from other family members and friends, leaving them alone or causing| |fears of loneliness. | |Financial abuse: Is the illegal taking or misuse ones property, assets or money or vulnerable adults | |Self neglecting or neglect by others: This situation can be caused by not providing the basic needs of peoples, such as food, water, shelter or clothing. This | |category also includes self neglect where an adult is unable to carry out daily living activities or manage personal finance, loosing weight, looking dirty and | |a lack of confidence as well as low self esteem. | |Institutional abuse: Individuals not eating properly, not dressing properly, not participating, staying in their rooms not getting the required attention and | |support from staff or
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