Question: Compare And Contrast The Realist And Liberal

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Question: Compare and contrast the realist and liberal approaches to International Relations. How might these approaches be used to understand the current state of US-China Relations? The Relationship between US and China brings many approaches to the current state between them. The current state between them tells us that they are two very different countries and each have a realist and liberal approach to them and portray that both theories have an importance of both states and the influences they both have on each other such as military power, human rights, opportunity and freedom, but how also both theories can have implications towards the states. In International Relations Liberalism is related to theories that emphasize the…show more content…
Implications for realism includes the character of fear, whenever anarchy arises it results in conflict. Since today’s society is more modern, realism is too outdated and we now have more problems e.g. terrorism, crime, environment etc. Realists the demand for power to gain peace and security is direct. For Liberals, it is a more complex relationship. In IR Liberals dispute that is it preposterous to acquire military power. There are different types of Realism. The pessimistic nature of Realism compares to China that is arrogant and anarchic, this is due to that China misses a governing authority of the state. Which leaves China a state competing for power and security. China is an independent state and can rise without alliances due to that it has a huge population, strong military force, manufactures own resources, since China is a communist country, they are more focused on the military force and state security, which is ideal to have a realist theory towards it. Although China is a very strong state there are some negative impacts of the state, such as that some people do not have freedom or human rights or opportunity and Internet censorship. China’s economic growth plays an important part with the increase of military spending and technological advancement. This would materialistically add to Realist perceptions of China that wants to “adjust the international system” and “achieve global
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