Question Of Union Recognition By Sarath Chandra Davala

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My critical response is premised on the reflections set out in the article “Question of Union Recognition” by Sarath Chandra Davala. In this era of industrial boom the comprehension of functioning of trade unions in the industrial relations as the relationship between labour and management is influenced very much by the studies on trade unionism. Even though after liberalization, opposite to the prophecies of many people, the importance of the trade unions did not reduce. The trade unions role has been revised rather and this has become a key deciding factor of fate for large number of workers especially in the labour intensive industries across the world. The primitive trade unions came into play due to the rapid industrial changes and it was primarily to protect the…show more content…
The common feature of all unions is that the union is in theory of democratic institution. The ultimate power lies with membership as a whole .There are two types of major and critical functions of a trade union (i) Militant functions, (ii) fraternal Functions. Militant functions include achieving better wages and working conditions and statues of labourers in the industries, protection of labourers against injustice and victimization. Fraternal functions include matters like taking up welfare measures to boost workers morale, self-confidence and encouraging discipline amongst also helps workers by providing fair opportunities for promotions and progress amongst the working class and protect women workers from discrimination and abuse. The main reasons to join a trade unions are it gives them a sense of security and belongingness and is a great platform of expression which leads to better relation and a healthy atmosphere among the

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