Question One. Alcohol Use Disorders (Aud) Is A Health Condition

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Question One
Alcohol use disorders (AUD) is a health condition that is diagnosed when alcohol abusers use alcohol to an enormous extent. AUD entails alcohol addiction, and many people who have AUD struggle with alcohol consumption. This disorder is related to alcoholism, or alcohol abuse. The symptoms of AUD include cravings, a strong need to have a drink during the week or weekends, loss of control involving not being able to stop drinking, feeling out of control, shaking, anxiety, withdrawals, and nausea. Alcohol tolerance is the most significant symptom of AUD because an alcoholic will drink an enormous amount of alcohol to feel the effects. Tolerance has a lot to do with the persons drinking history and genetic inheritance (Swift, …show more content…

The alcoholic goes through a withdrawal period that can cause fatal symptoms. Severe symptoms such as hematoma, pneumonia, meningitis, or infection involvement. Sometimes these symptoms are misdiagnosed as medical and not AUD with alcoholics (Saitz, 1998). AWS is assessed by the Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment for Alcohol SCALE Revised (CIWA-Ar) (Baron, Garbely, &Boyd, 2009; Maldonado, 2010)
Question Three
Biotransformation occurs most often inside the liver Defining “biotransformation.” The digestive tract is structured, so that chemicals are not absorbed, but pass directly into the circulatory system, but filtered though the liver first. This is called the first pass metabolism (Devane, 2004). Chemicals absorbed from the GI tract while passing though the liver, any toxins in a substance might be isolated and the biotransformation takes place. Biotransformation can only take place if damage to the body has not taken place. The last stage of biotransformation is the elimination stage. Basically, biotransformation changes the substance to water soluble which can be removed from the circulation of the organs by filtering the blood.
Question Four
Biotransformation is affected by alcohol abuse which can contribute to medical issues. An alcohol abuser may suffer from malnutrition due to vitamin deficiency. The term avitaminotic is a person with a vitamin deficiency, who uses alcohol in excessive amounts. Additionally, a heavy alcohol user may

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