Question Questions On Business Ethics

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Question 1- Business Ethics Issue- A Company has developed a new drug which contains small side effects. They have conducted many experiments on this drug and formed a report to keep confidential. The board of directors results that they will continue to market the drug and keep the information within the company, as it will increase profits significantly. Is this ethical behaviour for the company? Rule- Common law tells us that as the directors of the company it is in their duty to act in good faith and avoid any conflict of interest. It is their duty as the directors of the company and in their position to not use the company’s resources where it could potentially cause harm to individual’s external of the company. This business…show more content…
They also need to evaluate whether they are doing the right thing by the law. As the directors of the company they shouldn’t keep the report confidential as it is ethically wrong and possibly could be harmful to the company. Question 2a- Contracts/Offers Issue- Quentin was promised by his father Bill that if he worked every Sunday in the family restaurant, Bill will pay for his first year of university fees. Quentin was faced with many decisions but agree to work every Sunday due to Bill’s promise. He successfully completed his first year at university and now wants to take the year off to travel. Bill is upset and refuses to pay the fees. How should Quentin act on this? Rule- This contract is where Bill (the offeror) has promised Quentin (the offeree) to pay for his university fees. This is a spoken offer between two parties and since they are both are within agreement it therefore becomes a family agreement. The agreement is a conditional offer which means that in order to obtain the agreement, the offeree must fulfil certain requirements of the offeror. Quentin achieved this by working every Sunday in his father restaurant. The language within the agreement that Bill used was very clear and precise, saying he would pay for the entire first year. Application- Quentin should claim to his father that as a part of the conditional offer he
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