Question Sheet for We Shall Remain Episode Four Geronimo Essay

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Question Sheet for We Shall Remain: Episode Four ­ Geronimo Chapter One, Surrounded by Enemies: The Apache way of life and Geronimo as a young man 1. What did the Mexican government do in response to the constant theft of property by Apaches? Did this stop the Apache? 1. the mexican government passed laws offering cash for apache scalps and no this didn’t stop the apaches from raiding 2. How did Geronimo change in response to the murder of his mother, wife, and three small children by Mexican troops? 2. he cut his hair and left the hair there with them, returned home to rip down his wife’s paintings, tore apart strings of beads that she had made, and set everything that his kids and wife had owned on fire. this made his…show more content…
What was the choice Crook gave the Apache? How did the Apache know about the choice Navajos had been given ten years prior? 7. they could either stay on the reservations and be comfortable, or if they kept raiding, than he swore that he would hunt them down to the very last man 8. What happened to the Apaches who agreed to settle on reservations? What incentives were they offered? 8. they were placed against each other and some went on the be in the US Army 9. When agent John Clum delivered the news about the move to San Carlos to the Chiricahua people, how did Geronimo respond? How was Clum double­crossed? 9. he said to give them a little time and that they would move to San Carlos without a fight. Geronimo and his men killed the dogs so they wouldn’t give them away and they left Chapter Four, Rejecting the Reservation: The last Indian War, bloody resistance and a stronghold 10.What was life like for Geronimo during the four years he spent at the San Carlos reservation? 10. life was a struggle for survival, he has to have an official pass just to go and hunt, the Americans wanted them to farm, dig and much more 11.Who was the Dreamer and why did white people feel threatened by him? When he was wounded in a firefight, how did Apache scouts react? How were they punished? 11. he was an Apache medicine man­ he was an old american scout who wanted to

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