Question and Answer on Feral Children

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Principles of sociology 1. This statement is from a researcher involved in studying cases of feral children: In the sad and mysterious case of __Genie_ we have an instance of developmental deficiency produced, not by a loss of senses, but by deprivation of the power of exercising them. Place the name of one of the feral cases covered in class in the blank space above then, in your own words tell me what you think this statement means as it relates to the case you chose as well as to all the cases of feral children. Support your point of view with explanation, and data. Feral children are humans that have lived away from human contact in as early as from immediately they are born. These children have little experience of human care…show more content…
This is because, having passed the age where children learn things in a simple way, Genie would not benefit much from the fast approach. It is difficult for a person in their adult age to grasp things in their environment in a simple way like when they were in the childhood. Therefore it requires time more time for them learn and effectively interact with the environment. I would handle Irene’s with more special care and at the same time being more observant to identify any possible development. This is because, having experience untold harm, Genie’s rehabilitation and care to a normal person would require extra attention and a step by step evaluation. Since Genie, demonstrated no sense of personality, leave alone that of sexuality, I would apply the slow approach to get Genie learn the environment. This would enable her effectively discover things by herself through experience. When Genie was eighteen years old, she still had a lot of difficulty in learning basic aspects of life. As a researcher, I would have located her to an appropriate environment, probably a rehabilitation center where she would start to learn by discovering things by her own. The handling of the Genie’s case was subjected into three big mistakes. Firstly, the psychologist who developed as attention to study her case placed her in an appropriate position and condition. As she was already a severe victim, Genie would have benefited much from a direct support rather than the multiple
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