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QUESTION 1 The new distribution centre is located in an industrial area and about 12 kms from the company’s headquarters. 12 kms is approximality 7.45645 miles. Unfortunately, the cables has not reached this area, and given the numerous obstacles to digging, it would be prohibitively expensive to install. The only choice left here is to use the wireless technology. But what form of wireless signal would we use? The wireless signal would have to go through walls (eliminating infrared), be able to traverse approximately 12kms (eliminate Bluetooth, Wireless Lans, Ultra-wideband, again infrared and ZigBee) and be able to carry a high-speed signal (again eliminate Bluetooth and ZigBee). for obvious reasons, microwave, satellite and WiMAX are…show more content…
QUESTION 2 Advantages . Both T-1 and Sonet (synchronous optical networks) connection Waste of bandwidth . Single station can serve hundreds of users in WiMAX. In T-1 and Sonet each single station represent one user. Disadvantages . Multiplied frequencies are used T-1 and Sonet do not use multiple frequencies . WiMAX is very power intensive technology and requires strong electrical support Some of the benefits of WiMAX compared to T3 over SONET connection are that a single WiMAX station can serve hundreds of users, it has a much faster deployment of new users comparing to wired networks, and it can reach a speed of 10 Mbps at 10 kilometers with line-of-site customers. It also supports Non line of Sight customers; it is standardized, and same frequency equipment should work together and it has short delay. Drawbacks of WiMAX are that weather conditions like rain could interrupt the signal; other wireless equipment could cause interference, multiplied frequencies are used, WiMAX is a very power intensive technology and requires strong electrical support, and it has high installation and operational costs. QUESTION 3 The equipment needed to install WiMAX includes the Wimax base station, which consists of indoor Wimax equipments and a wimax tower. The
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