Questioning Authority

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Imagine a place where everyone is equal and no person is left behind this is a great way to see the hopeful world of the future. What happens in the present is that most people will just follow blindly like a cow to the slaughter house. Now the real question is why people continue to allow corrupt people have the authority to do these things without being prosecuted? In society today people refuse to think that people of great power could be corrupt in any way then when they find out they are in shock that the person would do something like that. As time goes on people will start to realise that there are many reason to question the people in power above us. Any form of government has flaws all its own and that is why we must question the people who have the power. That way…show more content…
Now adam had written about how as we grew up we were taught to never question authority but he does say “The truest lesson in learning is understanding the ‘why’s’ behind what you do”(Smith). There are many ways to go about questioning authority that Adam addresses throughout the article. Adam discusses four great ways on how to go around questioning authority which are that the question bring on a good tension, allows for teachable moments, secures the beliefs, and that a discussing is sparked. Now through doing all of those people will take notice and start to realise that there are flaws and corruption throughout the governments across the world. We are taught to never double think anything that is above our pay grade pretty much. Whoever said that change was bad never saw the good in people but Adam puts it way better than I ever could when he says “Properly questioning leadership brings good change for everyone involved”(Smith). There are many ways that to question authority whether it be flat out telling them that is not the best way or simply by asking thought provoking questions to the right
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