Questioning Male 's And Female 's Reasoning Towards Their Particular Career Choice

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Chichi Emenike
4.23.2015 After analyzing and questioning male 's and female 's reasoning towards their particular career choice, I realize that there was a certain pattern towards gender and career. Most male pursued what society depict as a masculine occupation such as doctors, architects, or technology based jobs. Meanwhile, most women pursed what society depict as a feminine occupations such as teachers, secretaries, assistance or nursing. The most shocking discovery is when men pursued feminine jobs, they are more likely to be encouraged to rise towards a more masculine position like managers or owners and were more likely to receive a raise in pay. On the other hand, women were discouraged towards such management fields and were more likely to be underrepresented and/or discouraged. This spiked a controversy about gender and their occupation opportunities being controlled by society and its constructed views on gender roles. Looking back from one 's childhood, society 's process of creating a gender constructed culture begins during pregnancy. When a woman becomes pregnant, many people who are aware of the pregnancy might question the woman and her husband about the unborn child 's gender. It 's well known that most researchers agree that gender role socialization begins at the time of an infant 's birth (which can)...create a powerful impact on parents ' perceptions of and behavior towards infants. When a mother and father realizes they will be…
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