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The window to the world can be covered by a newspaper,” this quote by Polish writer Stanislaw Lec sums up the problem with the news media. It is the job of the news media to provide the public with news events happening around the world. Without these news reports, people would be oblivious to what is going on around them. Our lives rest in the media's hands, and they are fully aware of this. The news is a very competitive business, and because of this what gets reported is not necessarily what the story is. Since there are different journalists reporting on the same events, each newspaper and newscast has its own way and style of reporting. They also have different gate keeping processes that make them unique. They may
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The media focus on a few major news events and talk about them nonstop, until something new comes along and the old stories are forgotten about. A good example of this has to do with the events after the September 11th attacks. President Bush was ready instantly after the attacks to send troops to Afghanistan to fight the war on terrorism. After a few weeks of news coverage about the war on terrorism, our troops were all of a sudden being sent to Iraq because apparently they had weapons of mass destruction there. After the news about Iraq, Afghanistan was nothing but a memory.

According to a news article in USA Today, written by Dave Moniz (2002), there are still soldiers in Afghanistan, yet we never hear anything about them. This is the main job of the news media. They give us the topics to form our opinions about. If it is not in the news, then it is not supposed to be important to the people. Well if this is the case, then what about the people that have members of their families over in Afghanistan? Are they not important?

Another major problem with the news media is that different news groups report on the stories that are going to give them the best ratings, therefore all the news stations report on the same stories in order to try and out do the other. One major example of when news stories get altered or even possibly reported wrong is during a crisis. When a crisis is reported on, every news organization tries to get the news first,
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