Questionnaire And Questionnaire On Fitness Apps

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Method 1: Survey / Questionnaire

Our first method is being able to gauge our market/group of individuals on what type of

fitness apps they used. Below is a list survey questions we provided in order for us to see what

people know about fitness apps and also showcases the use of social media.

List of Survey Questions asked:

● Name:

● Age:

● Male/Female

● How often do you exercise in a week?

● Have you ever used an app for exercising?

● What type of app did you use to exercise?

● What have you used the fitness app for? (Select all that apply)

● Have you used any type of social media?

● What social media do you use most? (Select all that apply)

● How long do you use social media in a day? (Estimate the number of hours you

use in a day)

The questions above are multiple answered questions that our surveyees were able to choose

from. For a full version of the survey there is a link below.

The data was collected in various ways. One way is through online form via Google

Forms template sent via email or Social Media. There are also print forms that other surveyees

wrote on and those were transcribed through the Google Forms template.

Method 2: Small Interview

Alongside the survey, we also gave out several questions in the form of a small interview.

From the 26 individuals who were surveyed, there were about 20 individuals who also took part

in the small interview. Below is a list of the questions we used for the interview portion.

List of

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