Questionnaire For Optimal Health

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My target population for my functional medicine-based detox protocol would be for fellow crossfit members since we dedicate so much time and energy in the gym trying to achieve peak performance on a daily basis. I know quite a few of my fellow crossfit members are killing it in the gym every day, if not multiple times daily, but they aren’t seeing the results they should be, therefore, I believe something is off, most likely their diet and a detoxification diet my help them establish the “look” they are trying to achieve and quite possibly improve performance. WOD Detox: 6 week challenge Initial Visit/Assessment Objective: Getting to know my patient, what ails them, gather information to help discern pattern recognition. Decipher:…show more content…
I’ll suggest that they take a probiotic, if they aren’t already (Henning et al., 2017 and supplement, not substitute a meal with protein powder because of its high quality, bioavailable source of amino acids, that are easily absorbed (Cline, 2015). I would ask the patient to have the following labs completed before their next visit: CBC, chemical screen and food allergy IgG/IgE testing. Depending upon the patient, I may assess urine amino acids, heavy metal excretion, intestinal permeability, and digestive analysis (Bennett, 2007). CrossFit patients should have the discipline and control required to cope with the challenging situations incurred in a structured diet, such as not eating when they are not hungry. The time period between their initial appointment and their first follow-up, my patient will be asked to journal any changes in ailments, energy, sleep patterns and overall wellbeing. Follow-up During the follow up visit we’ll discuss lab results and the journal and develop a new or revised plan based on the findings. We may need to move to the elimination diet and slowly add foods back in, we may apply specific functional foods, vitamins, minerals, or antioxidants to support found imbalance to reduce toxins or we may be able to continue with the initial diet. Whatever the
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