Questionnaire On Data Collection Methods

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Data Collection Methods

This study will collect and collate new data to assess the evaluation question by having patients fill out the patient preference Likert questionnaire before and after the exam. Data will be collected for initial random population selection from the provider’s EHR via a SQL query with the following criteria: M/F, age ≥ 50, type of screening = CRC (Baker et al., 2015). Then, the pre-Likert Questionnaire about the patient preference for the procedure (Optical colonoscopy vs CT colonography) is distributed to patient portals. Preferences are automatically stored in separate lists based on SQL parameters in the portals. Pre-Likert Questionnaire will be retrieved from the patient portal and stored in the facilities’ EHR. Each facility will export the results to an EXCEL file to the researchers. Patients will then undergo different procedures and results will be assessed. After the procedure, patients will complete the same Likert scale questionnaire on a portable EHR at the facility or via the patient portal within three days of the procedure. Again, facilities will export this post-Likert questionnaire to the researchers. Hence, the researchers will compare pre-and post- patient preferences for CTC or OC. If more patients choose to undergo the CTC procedure, then it is a good indication of more CRC screening. It is extremely beneficial. As a result, an increase in patient screening should result in Medicare covering the costs. The methods used to…

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