Questions And Analysis Around Antipodes Mineral Resources Company

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Case study 1:
This discussion and analysis around Antipodes Mineral Resources company (AMR). This report will associate with the possible types of investment projects, the working activities of an aspiring position in a CFO office, analysing the effect of Stock exchange market on the goal of the company and will lead to address the accountabilities apart from the responsibilities towards the firm’s owners. This will also outline potential project and what the financial manager should prepare for investment.

This report is intended to test the understanding of basic financial concepts and applying it to AMR Company. The main objective why investors would like to invest to each company’s project is gain profit. They
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The main fund for future potential project based on drilling at the WKP Gold Project, a huge amount of mining resource found in ten km from Newmont Mining’s Waihi gold mines that also estimated daily gold mining process. Previously, it has been acknowledged as of joint venture with current owner of land, however, renegotiation stated to restructure on shareholders to change 51% of total shares will owned by AMR. Actual potential market is estimated over 260 thousand ounces of gold that inferred by NI43-101 compliant, high grade mineralized vein structure and WKP has been drilled around 15 wholes already. The company of AMR is reaching the decision that raise the fund to achieve potential development and extension of workload, especially, potential of underground mining including with technical improvement that consists with drilling, environmental evaluation and metallurgical inspection.

2.2. You will be working in the CFO’s office if you obtain this job. What activities do you expect are undertaken in this office?
Working in the CFO’s office as a Financial Analyst will be responsible for:
Making and managing principal credit and equity investments.
Researching, analysing data and performing due diligence in evaluating potential mining property investments and specialty

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