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How effectively do Canadian businesses and government engage together to promote a shared vision and agenda in the global business environment? Do Canadians strike an effective balance between private sector pursuit of global business and public sector support and enablement?

Canadian businesses and governments have been constantly working on increasing their global market, by enforcing more supportive programs and effective policies. Funding Canadian organizations to enter the international market. The government has announced various support programs with the intentions to improve support such as EDC helping canadian companies sell beyond Canada’s borders and BDC which support small and medium-sized businesses in all industries and
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Which could take several days to receive. Thankfully there is a new program called Trade Projects and you can apply for a credit in just ten minutes, and the man was able to do it and get his credit for his shipment then later was able to receive his money from the gouvernement. A downfall i've found with the CanExport program is that it could take up to 20 business days to get reimbursed and some people have said it’s a long time because sometimes they really need to get the funds but it takes too long and they have come late on payments few times.
Question #3
What does a review of the current press reveal about the attitudes of Canadians in terms of global business and international trade?
Canada has established a clear goal towards helping businesses have long-term relationships & growth internationally and to save money. Mainly focusing on negotiating better rules/policies that will work alongside local manufacturing and exporting organizations in Canada and around the world. Canada has become willing to aim their business intentions towards working with the WTO and other countries, in efforts to overcome their global presence issues. The “Free Trade Agreement” helps Canada’s exporter and manufacturer gain a competitive advantage globally (with Europe, Latin America and other countries) by exposing them to new customers and investment opportunities (resulting in greater sales numbers). Constant focus on building a
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