Questions And Multiple Choice Questions

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There are a lot of types of assessment in medical education that students can be evaluated in different ways such as written assessments, oral examination, performances or workplace assessment and evaluation of attitudes. However, this assignment will focus on long essay questions and multiple choice questions (MCQs) in written assessments and oral examination only. Therefore, the purpose of this assignment can be divided into three parts. Firstly, the use of long essay format and MCQs in the specific conditions including the benefits and drawbacks of each will be discussed. Secondly, validity and reliability of MCQ exam will be tested. Finally, a case for using the oral examination will be presented in term of how to guarantee that the scoring is reliable.

As for the first part, essay questions and MCQs can assess students’ knowledge regarding with recall, comprehension, reasoning and application of knowledge as problem-solving in cognitive domain (Anbar, 1991; Nendaz & Tekian, 1999; Schuwirth & van der Vleuten, 2013). Long essay questions are one of open-end questions that require a longer response from candidates. Students have to integrate their knowledge to identify the problems beneath the question posed, build a structure, present insight and give some coherent arguments and opinions (Brown et al., 1997). In dental education, the essay format can be used to ask students to describe the reasoning in clinical procedure or explain patient management in different…
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